Manually Edit Settings

In addition to using the Camera Configuration tool in Storyteller to change the camera's settings, you can also adjust them using the FW_RTC.txt file.

This is a text file that is on the microSD card of the camera and can be edited to change the camera's configuration.

By default, the FW_RTC.txt file is a hidden file and so you may need to activate the ability to see hidden files on your computer before being able to locate the FW_RTC.txt file.  Once you able to view hidden files, the FW_RTC.txt file will be located on the root of the microSD card in the camera.

DO NOT confuse this with the FX_RTC_DEFAULTS.txt file.  This is not the same thing and making changes to it will not adjust the camera's settings.

Double click on the FW_RTC.txt file to open it in your computer's text editor.

Once you have the FW_RTC.txt file open, there will be some firmware details at the top, followed by a section for each switch position.  In each section will be a list of the adjustable settings and their current values.  Below the settings section(s) will be a list of all the acceptable values for each setting.

Change the values for each setting that you wish, using the list of acceptable settings as the key.

After making the changes you want, save the file.

IMPORTANT:  If you are editing the FW_RTC.txt file on any of these cameras: 


Then you MUST change the line near the top of the file from “Update:N” to “Update:Y” and save the file once more.  If you don't, the changes will not take affect.

You may now disconnect the camera.
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