Record Switch Replacement

**Please note that replacement parts for discontinued camera models are not available from This support page is for reference only**

Contour 1080p Record Switch Replacement Instructions

1. With the camera upright and facing you, make certain the lens bezel is rotated to the far left so that the two alignment lasers are vertical.

2. Remove the small set-screw in the rotating bezel that holds the protective lens (it should be located on the right side of thee bezel). You will need a very small screwdriver to do this – like an eye-glasses screwdriver (drugstores often sell these if you do not have one).

3. With the camera lens pointing towards you, twist the bezel counterclockwise and unscrew it from the camera

4. Once you’ve unscrewed the lens cover, remove the screws on the metal cylinder of the camera (1 on each side).

5. Slide the metal cylinder forward (towards the lens-side) and off of the camera.

6.  Remove the record switch, and replace it with the new one

7.  Slide the aluminum camera barrel back on the camera (front to rear) and secure it with two screws at the back of the barrel.

8. Screw the bezel back on the camera. Make certain the clear protective lens is positioned in the bezel. Do not screw it on to the point that the optical lens on the camera rotates. Align the white mark on the bezel with the white mark on the left of the camera housing.

9. The hole for the set screw should now be on the right side of the bezel. You may need to slightly rotate the bezel one way or the other to get the set-screw hole on the bezel to line up with the hole in the camera.

10. Once the holes are aligned, reinstall the set-screw. You may have to push the screw in firmly to get it started.
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