Where is the middle section of the goggle mount?

The ContourHD 720p and 1080p cameras come with a circular flat surface mount and a goggle strap mount. The center disc of the flat surface mount is intended to also be used with the included goggle strap mount. The center disk of the flat surface mount can be a bit tricky to separate from the outer disk the first time you try it. See if these instructions help:

1. Insert the camera on the rails of the mount. Make certain the camera is ALL the way forward on the rails of the mount.

2. Hold the camera in one hand and with the other hand hold one side of the outer edge of the mount. It doesn’t matter which edge of the mount you hold. Go with whatever is easier.

3. Peel the outer portion of the mount away from the camera at an angle. You will hear the Velcro separate and the inner disk will stay on the camera. You may have to use a bit of force to make this separation happen.

If you are missing either the flat surface mount or the goggle strap mount, please contact support and we can assist you.

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