Videos won't play smoothly

Video playback is a resource intensive task for all computers, especially when trying to play HD formats which are very data intensive. 

If your computer appears to meet our minimum requirements for HD playback (listed HERE) and you are using a Windows computer, we recommend downloading K-Lite Codec Pack available here:

There are several different versions.  Choose the latest version of the FULL pack to download.

Codecs tell your computer how to play videos, and a missing or broken codec could cause the choppiness.  A broken, missing, or out of date codec can cause playback problems such as choppy playback or audio that is out of sync with the video.

Once you download the pack, please install it. There are quite a few different options to choose from when installing the codec pack.  

1)  Choose "Advanced Mode"

2)  In the next window, select “Profile 4: Essentials (without player)” when presented with this choice. 

3)  For the "Hardware Acceleration" section choose from the H.264 dropdown menu "LAV Video - DXVA native."

4)  All other options can be left as default. After installation is complete, you will need to restart your computer. 

If your are on the most current version of the K-Lite codec pack and are still experiencing choppy playback, there is a quick test to see if the problem is related to your computer’s resources or the Storyteller program. Simply play the clip using Apple's QuickTime player.  QuickTime can be downloaded for free at

If the video continues to play choppy, the issue is that your computer is not properly resourced to playback HD video formats with QuickTime, which is the player StoryTeller uses. One option might be to try using the VLC player, a lighter video player that can be downloaded for free from

You might also want to make certain all other application are shut down on your computer before trying to play back HD video. If the video still plays choppy on your computer, it is very likely a resource related issue with that computer. Below are what we consider the general hardware requirements for acceptable HD playback.
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