GPS map display in Storyteller

In order to get the GPS maps to display when viewing your movies in Storyteller (or on the Contour website) you will first want to be sure that your camera is capturing GPS data when it is recording.

The only means to replay the .MOV file with embedded GPS data replaying simultaneously is through Storyteller and on our website.

The record status light on the front of your GPS enabled camera will flash while it is trying to get a position fix and turn solid when it has a good position fix. Make sure that your camera's status light is solid green before recording to ensure you get GPS data. Click here to find out how to get a good GPS signal.

Once you have recorded a movie that contains a GPS track, you can use either our Storyteller application or the Contour website to play your videos along with the GPS maps, track, speed, and elevation data.

In Storyteller you will need to import the movie from the camera then go to the Storyteller Library (located on the left side of the application) and find the movie. Choose the movie and then press play. The map and track data should come up automatically, if it doesn't then you can click the Map View button on the bottom left corner of the window. If there is no GPS data in the movie, the map button will be disabled.
Your computer must have an internet connection in order to allow Storyteller to access and download the maps.We’ve had reports of customers who are unable to view GPS data while replaying videos on their business network through Storyteller. This may be due to security restrictions placed on the network itself. Please try from another location or talk to your IT department for help with that.

To see the GPS maps on the Contour website, you only need to upload a video that contains GPS data to our website or from within Storyteller. Once the movie has been processed by our system, the GPS data will automatically display when the movie is played.
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