Why doesn't my computer recognize my camera?

There are a few different possible reasons that your computer can't see the camera.  Most connection problems are related to microSD card not being properly read. Here are some steps you can use to try and correct the problem.

1) Try reformatting the microSD card. If the microSD card is not properly formatted then the computer will have trouble reading it. For steps on how to format the MicroSD card for your camera, check out this article:
How do I format the MicroSD card?

2) Try using a different USB port on the computer. Not all USB ports are powered the same way. This is especially true on laptops. There is usually one port that has power and the other ports are wired from that "master" port. The camera needs to have the full load of power in order to charge the battery and also act as a microSD card card reader.

3) Try using a different USB cable. There is nothing special about the USB cable that we include with the camera and it is possible that you have a bad cord. Any USB cord with the correct ends will work. If you don't have an extra cord, let me know and I can mail one out to you.

4) Try using a different computer. This is to eliminate your computer as issue and try to isolate the problem to the camera. 5) Try using a different microSD card. If you have swapped out the original microSD card for a different one, the new card may need to be formatted. Since the camera is not showing up on your computer you may need to use a microSD card reader.

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