What is file corruption? How do I prevent it?

File corruption is a problem that can affect some video files, making them unplayable.  A video file that is corrupted was not properly saved completely to the camera's SD card, thus leaving it in a state where it is unreadable by a computer.  File corruption can occur for a variety of reasons:  
  • the microSD card in the camera may be experiencing problems or may not be formatted properly for use with the camera, 
  • the camera is shutting off while filming – due to vibration, a dead battery or other reasons
  • there are problems with the file transfer when the files are being moved to the computer from your camera.
File corruption may not always be preventable the first time it occurs, but there are some steps you can take to address the problem to keep it happening in the future:
(A) Keep an eye on the camera's battery life indicator.  If your camera's battery needs recharging, stop any recording that is in progress, and power the camera off (if you are using a ContourROAM or later camera model, just discontinue recording).  Charge the camera back up at your nearest convenience.
(B) If you are experiencing file corruption that is unrelated to the battery running out, we suggest performing a microSD card format as soon as possible. This will eliminate any temporary problems on the microSD card that might be contributing to corruption issues.
(C) If your camera is unexpectedly turning off while recording and causing file corruption, there may be an issue with your camera's hardware. Please contact our Support team  for further assistance in addressing this problem.
(D) If you are experiencing any errors while copying videos from your camera to your computer, you may want to try using a different mini USB cable or try connecting the camera to a different USB port on your computer.  Although not very common, connection problems between the camera and your computer can cause incomplete and corrupted video files as a result.
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