ContourROAM won't charge or power on

The ContourROAM will not properly charge or connect to your computer if:
  • There is not a microSD properly seated in the camera.
  • There is a microSD card seated, but the card is incompatible or has not been properly formatted in the camera
  • If there is a problem with the USB cable that is connecting the camera to your computer (even if you see a red charging light)
  • f the port that the camera is plugged into is either not functioning properly, or is a port that does not have power being supplied to it by the computer (for example, a USB port on a keyboard).
Try the following steps to troubleshoot:
1. Open the back of the camera, and press the RESET button for 10 seconds.
2. Using a paper clip, press into the microSD card slot and remove the microSD card.  Now reinsert the card ensuring the card clicks into place.
3. Reformat the microSD card.  To reformat the microSD card on a ContourROAM, open the back door of the camera.  Using a small pin or the end of a paperclip, press and hold the button inside the Format hole located beneath the microSD card slot.  Press and hold that button until the camera beeps once and/or the card light on the top of the camera stops flashing and turns solid green.  The microSD card is now empty and properly formatted.
4. With a properly formatted microSD card in the camera, fully charge the camera by plugging into your computer for at least 4 hours.  You may need to try different USB ports on the computer.  Not all USB ports are powered the same way.  This is especially true on laptops.  There is usually one port that has power and the other ports are wired from that "master" port.  The camera needs to have the full load of power in order to charge the battery and also act as a microSD card card reader.
We also suggest using a different USB cable.  There is nothing special about the USB cable that we include with the camera and it is possible that you have a bad cord. Basically any USB cord with the correct ends will work.
If you sill are experiencing issues after trying all of the troubleshooting steps above, then repeat the steps using a different microSD card.  There is a chance that the original card you were using could is corrupt or has some bad sectors.
After testing with a different card, if you are still getting problematic behavior, this may indicate an issue with the camera itself which would need to be replaced.
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