Still Photo Mode

The ContourGPS, Contour+, ContourROAM, Contour+2, Contour ROAM2, and Contour ROAM3 all have a still photo mode that allow you to set up the camera to take photos at a preset time interval.
To set the camera to take continuos photos, open Storyteller and then connect the camera to your computer.  In Storyteller, you will see your camera listed near the top left.  When you do, click on Tools -> Camera Configuration.  From the window that pops up you will be able to change different settings on the camera.
The Continuous Photo mode will be an option under the resolution settings for the camera.  Once you select it, there will be an additional setting that allows you to choose the frequency of the photos taken.
Apply the changes you have made to the camera in Storyteller and disconnect the camera.  The camera will now take photos at the interval you selected when you turn the camera on and slide the record switch forward. 
Once you have taken the photos,  you will need to retrieve them from the camera manually.  Storyteller will not see the still photos from your camera; it will only see videos.  
To retrieve your photos, connect the camera to your computer and navigate to the microSD card of the camera.  On a PC it will be located in "Computer", on  a Mac it will be located in the sidebar of the Finder.
Double click on the camera and open the folder called DCIM.  Inside that folder is another folder called 100MEDIA.  Open that folder to find your photos.  From here you can copy them to your computer by dragging and dropping them to wherever you prefer.
Don't forget to delete the photos from the card (and empty the trash in you are using a Mac) prior to unplugging the camera so that you make room for additional videos or photos.  Alternately you can reformat the card in the camera to erase everything on the card, including the photos.
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