Warranties & Service

  • What is covered by the warranty?

    The warranty for all Contour products covers defects in materials and workmanship when properly installed and used for its intended purpose and in its intended operating environment. The full text of the warranty is located in the manual that comes with each new camera. For your reference, here is the text of the warranty from our manuals: CONTOUR, LLC. LIMITED WARRANTY Contour, Inc. (“Manufacturer”) war...

  • How long is the warranty on my camera?

    The warranty period for all of the Contour cameras is 1 year from the original purchase date. Some regions outside the United States of America may require longer warranty periods. In those instances, we will honor the warranty based on the laws of your country. You will be asked to present a dated proof of purchase or sales receipt at the time of warranty service.

  • How do I get my camera service under the warranty?

    If your camera needs warranty service, or if you are not sure and want to see if your camera needs to be serviced, please start by contacting our support team. You can reach them my clicking on the "Email Us" link on this page. You can also email them directly at Support@contour.com. When contacting our support team, please be sure that you include the camera model, serial number, and a detailed descriptio...

  • Can I send my camera in for inspection or repair?

    We do not currently offer repair services for any cameras out of warranty since it is often much less expensive for a user to replace a camera than it is to repair it. Contour cameras are covered by a warranty for manufacturers defects for the duration of the warranty. If you are having troubles with your camera please contact Support by clicking on the link to the right labeled "Email Us", or send an email...

  • If I am outside the USA how do I get my camera serviced?

    Your best option is to start by checking our FAQ pages, Help articles, and support forum. Solutions to the most common issues can usually be found in one of those resources. You can also contact our support team for help. If you are outside the USA and it is determined that your camera needs to get serviced, your fastest solution is usually to take your camera back to your place of purchase for a replaceme...

  • Lens Protector Replacement - 1080p, GPS, & Plus

    These instructions are for replacing the lens protector on the following models of camera: ContourHD (720p & 1080p) ContourGPS Contour+ These instructions are not for the ContourROAM. If you need to replace the lens protector on ContourROAM please see this help page: Lens Protector Replacement - ROAM You can purchase replacement lens protectors from our online store by visiting htt...

  • Outer Lens Replacement - ROAM and ROAM2

    These instructions are for replacing the outer lens protector on the ContourROAM and ContourROAM2 camera. These instructions are not for the ContourHD 1080p, ContourGPS, the Contour+. If you need instructions on how to replace the lens protector on these cameras, please see this help page: Lens Protector Replacement - 1080p, GPS, and Plus You can purchase replacement lens protectors from our online sto...

  • Record Switch Replacement

    **Please note that replacement parts for discontinued camera models are not available from contour.com. This support page is for reference only** Contour 1080p Record Switch Replacement Instructions 1. With the camera upright and facing you, make certain the lens bezel is rotated to the far left so that the two alignment lasers are vertical. 2. Remove the small set-screw in the rotating bezel th...

  • Finding the Model and Serial Number

    When registering your camera or contacting Technical Support, you will need to have your camera's model number and serial number. The location of the model number and serial number will depend on the specific camera you have. Below is a chart showing where you can find the model number and serial number for most Contour cameras. ContourROAM - Model 1600 The model number is located on the bottom...

  • What is an RMA?

    RMA is a term that means Return Materials Authorization. It is the number a company issues when a product is approved to return for repair or replacement. By putting that number on the package, our warehouse will be able to look up the notes about your camera when it arrives and know what to do. RMAs must be obtained from our Technical Suport team by using the links at the bottom of the p...

  • Recent Q&A

    • Contour ROAM2

      I Just recieved My Contour ROAM2 from Amazon and I can´t configure the camera. I´ve just registered but I can´t´access tne Configure Camera and Set Time commands from the Tools menu. I only get the Register Camera Option. I´m using my Story Teller mac Installation from my previous Cntour ROAM 1 camera.

      2 Agent Answers 0 Community Answers Aug 20, 2013 02:28PM MDT
    • Inquiry about distributor

      To whom it may concern, I hope all is well with you. My name is Yukihiro yasuda. I am running the import/export company and my monthly sales is $60,000 per month. I am having a great performance on the platforms such as Amazon, and running the actual store as well. I am interested in your products "CONTOURROAM 2" and were greatly impressed. Would you introduce distributor in USA for me...

      1 Community Answer Jan 05, 2013 05:37PM MST
    • ContourHD 1080p not recording

      Hi My ContourHD 1080p Firmware V1.17 is no longer recording: When I slide the record switch forward, as usual it makes a single beep, the green front light changes from green to red. But when sliding it back there's no longer a double beep, and it doesn't power off after that (need to remove and reinsert the battery to make it start recording again). The DCIM folder is created, but no files ...

      1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Dec 22, 2012 06:06AM MST

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