Contour ROAM3

  • How to Format the Micro SD card (Contour ROAM3)

    To format the microSD card for the Contour ROAM3 follow these steps: 1) Open the back of the camera. 2) Check that the Record Slider is in the OFF position. 3) Insert the microSD card securely in to the camera's card slot. 4) Press and hold the Format Button until the microSD card LED begins flashing yellow. 5) Release the Format Button. 6) When the microSD card turns green, the card is formatted and...

  • ROAM3 Photo Mode

    How to use Instant Photo Mode on the Contour ROAM3 camera 1) Activate Instant Photo Mode Press and hold the Status Button for three seconds. You will hear two beeps and see the photo LED turn green, indicating that Instant Photo Mode has been activated. 2) Take photographs by pressing the Status Button You will hear a beep and the photo LED will flash to indicate that a photograph has been taken. 3)Turn ...

  • Outer Lens Replacement - ROAM3

    Lens Replacement for Contour ROAM3 By replacing the lens protector on your Contour ROAM3, you are effectively VOIDING the waterproof portion of the camera warranty. However, if you install the new lens protector properly, you should have no problems maintaining the waterproof rating of your Camera. 1) Using a small Philips head screwdriver (such as one suited for eye-glass repair), remove the set sc...
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