Contour HD 1080p & 720p

  • How do I format the microSD card?

    This is how to format a microSD card for the ContourHD 720p and 1080p. If you have a ContourGPS, Contour+, or ContourROAM, please refer to their sections of the help pages for information on how to format microSD cards for those cameras. Windows: Attach the ContourHD via the USB cable to your computer. Open ‘My Computer’ (or ‘Computer’) and locate the drive letter for the Contour – it should...

  • What microSD cards work in the 1080p?

    You can use up to a 32GB card in your ContourHD 1080p. When that camera was first introduced, 32GB cards were not widely available and that is why the printed manual in the box references 16GB cards. Since then the microSD card market has expanded and so your camera can use a 32GB card. However, because the camera was not designed to use a card of that size, the memory card light will alway i...

  • Cleaning dirt or moisture from under the lens

    Dust or moisture under the protective lens is not a common occurrence, but can happen occasionally due to a deformed or improperly seated O-ring or protective lens. Here is how to clean the lens on your camera: 1. With the camera upright and facing you, make certain the lens bezel is rotated to the far left so that the two alignment lasers are vertical. 2. Remove the small set-screw in the rotating bezel...

  • Setting the time on my camera

    The time on your ContourHD 720p or 1080p camera can be set using the Contour Storyteller program. With Storyteller installed on your computer, attache the camera to your computer and launch the program. Select Tools -> Set Camera Time to set your camera's time to be the same as the computer's clock. If the camera runs out of power or if the battery is removed, the camera time will switch back to the fac...

  • Battery life expectancy for the ContourHD

    The expected duration is 2 to 2.5 hours of battery life for the cameras with the removable battery on a full charge. We recommend carrying fully charged spare batteries if you expect to have extended filming sessions. You can provide continuous power to the camera if you need to record for longer than that by using a Contour brand wall charger or the Contour Charging Kit. Both are designed specifically t...

  • 32GB Cards in ContourHD 1080p

    You can use up to a 32GB card in your camera. When the ContourHD 1080p was first introduced, 32GB cards were not widely available. Since then the microSD card market has expanded and so your camera can use a 32GB card. However, there is a small firmware glitch when using a card that size. The memory card light will alway indicate that the card is full by showing a red light anytime you check the ca...

  • How do I silence the beeps? (ContourHD)

    How to silence the beeps on a ContourHD 1080p and 720p On the ContourHD 1080p and 720p this is done on the camera itself. To enable "silent mode": With the camera off, slide the record switch to its forward ("record") position. Turn the camera on. Slide the record switch back to the "off" position. You are now in silent mode and can use the camera as you normally would (minus the beeps...
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