Using GPS

  • Using the GPS feature

    It generally takes less than one minute to obtain a position fix under good conditions. Several environmental factors could impact the ability for your GPS enabled Contour camera to obtain a position fix. These can include any of the following: An obstructed view of the horizon. The more of the horizon that is visible, the better the chance of obtaining the four satellite signals required to establis...

  • How to export or import the GPS data from videos

    If you have recorded a movie that contains GPS data you can export the data in one of three different format. To export the GPS data from a movie, start with the movie already imported in to Storyteller. From the Library view of Storyteller, select the movie whose and then choose File -> Export -> Export GPS data. You will then have the option to choose a location for saving the file. You will also ...

  • How accurate is the GPS receiver?

    The ContourGPS and Contour+ contain a built-in GPS receiver that allows you to capture and share position information from the worldwide network of global navigation satellites. Based on the timing of signal received and the distance calculated from each respective satellite, the Contour cameras are able to accurately track your speed, elevation, and distance, with a small degree of error. Contour cam...
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