Video Playback and Editing

  • Videos won't play smoothly

    Video playback is a resource intensive task for all computers, especially when trying to play HD formats which are very data intensive. If your computer appears to meet our minimum requirements for HD playback (listed HERE) and you are using a Windows computer, we recommend downloading K-Lite Codec Pack available here: There are several different...

  • Error: Storyteller can't initialize movie player

    This error usually stems from a problem with the installation of Quicktime on your computer. Storyteller uses components of Quicktime to play the movies from the camera. We suggest that you do the following steps in this order: 1) Uninstall Storyteller 2) Uninstall Quicktime 3) Reinstall Quicktime ( 4) ...

  • Computer specs for playing HD video

    Playing High Definition video is a resource intensive task. To be sure that your computer has enough processing power and memory for that task, check the specifications of your computer against the minimum requirements listed below for each resolution. 720P (1280X720) VIDEO AT 30FPS Windows: 2.8GHz Intel Pentium 4 or faster; 2GB of RAM; Video card with more than 128MB of RAM OS X: 1.83GHz Intel ...

  • Editing videos

    While Contour doesn't offer any advanced editing options, there are a number of different third party applications that can be used to modify your movies. Since movies recorded by our cameras are in a .MOV and .MP4 formats, any program that can handle those files should also be able to edit the movies. Here are a few programs that our customers have used to edit, add music, and insert titles to their movie...

  • Importing and Exporting the GPS data

    If you have recorded a movie that contains GPS data you can export the data in one of three different format. To export the GPS data from a movie, start with the movie already imported in to StoryTeller. From the Library view, select the movie and then choose File -> Export -> Export GPS data. You will then have the option to choose a location for saving the file. You will also be able to select...

  • Burning a DVD from video

    All of the Contour cameras capture videos in the .MOV file format. Since very few DVD players support playback of .MOV file you can't simply copy the raw video file to a DVD and have it play your video files properly. The files must be converted to a format the DVD player understands, which requires a third party DVD burning software. We don't provide any DVD burning software or support for t...

  • Using Contour cameras as a webcam

    Contour cameras cannot be configured or used as a USB webcam attached to a computer. They are not able to send a live signal over the USB cable. The Contour+ and Contour+2 both have an HDMI port and can stream HDMI signal but in order to use that signal on a computer but the computer must have an HDMI capture port. Most computers do not come with an HDMI capture port and it must be an...

  • Recent Q&A

    • Premiere Pro CS6

      I just bought a ROAM2 and have been recording videos at 1080P/30 and also 720P/30 and 720P/60. When I open up Premiere Pro CS6 I am unsure which options to choose for file import: CAPTURE FORMAT: DV? HDV? PRESETS: ARRI? DV - NTSC? Digital SLR? HDV? or any one of the many other choices?

      1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers May 12, 2013 10:33PM MDT
    • Exporting Video Clips

      I have videos that are approximately 30 minutes. I would like to clip a 1-2 minute segment using the "Awesome" function and have been able to do so and 'share' to my Contour account. Is there a way to export the clipped segment from StoryTeller or my Contour account so that I am able to open it using QuickTime, Windows Media Player, etc?

      1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jan 18, 2013 01:59PM MST
    • merging video

      is there any way to merge different videos? i.e few people joining same area: how to show the map on the back and each video on the four corners.

      1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Jan 05, 2013 12:58PM MST
    • Playing Contour HD video on iPad2??

      How do you play Contour HD video on an iPad2??

      1 Agent Answer 0 Community Answers Dec 26, 2012 01:26PM MST
    • measuring noise levels via a contour recording

      I have a Contour GPS, mounted to my motorbike helmet. My aim is to compare wind noise with different windscreens fitted to my bike. So I thought I could record a video, and then use software to see how loud the recording is. Then the question is how to compare the noise levels in the different videos. Relative is easy; I can just use one of the noise levels apps on my phone. Or maybe there is s...

      1 Community Answer Dec 21, 2012 05:33PM MST

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