Additional Troubleshooting

  • Why doesn't my computer recognize my camera?

    There are a few different possible reasons that your computer can't see the camera. Most connection problems are related to microSD card not being properly read. Here are some steps you can use to try and correct the problem. 1) Try reformatting the microSD card. If the microSD card is not properly formatted then the computer will have trouble reading it. For steps on how to format the MicroSD card for yo...

  • MP4 Update

    In a recent firmware update for the ContourGPS and Contour+, we changed the default file format to .MP4. If you have updated your ContourGPS or Contour+ and it did not set the default file format to .MP4, you can set this through the camera's FW_RTC.txt file on the camera's drive. Start by finding the FW_RTC.txt file on the microSD card of the camera. This is a hidden file by default. If you don't see ...

  • What is file corruption? How do I prevent it?

    File corruption is a problem that can affect some video files, making them unplayable. A video file that is corrupted was not properly saved completely to the camera's SD card, thus leaving it in a state where it is unreadable by a computer. File corruption can occur for a variety of reasons: the microSD card in the camera may be experiencing problems or may not be formatted properly for use with t...

  • My microSD card wil not format in the camera.

    If you’re having issue formatting the microSD card in-camera on the ContourGPS, Contour+, or Contour ROAM there are two other methods you can try. After trying one of these methods, then go back and repeat the in-camera formatting method for your specific model of camera. SD Card formatting Tool: Go to - Download the latest version of the formatting tool fo...

  • The lens bezel on my camera is loose.

    It is normal to have some "looseness" in the rotation of the front bezel of our cameras, particularly when the bezel is in the middle "upright" position. Although the lens bezel appears to be loose you will find that it doesn't move when subjected to vibrations associated with filming activities. In the unlikely event that it does move and adversely affect your videos, please contact our support team for ad...

  • Vertical lines in the video

    Occasionally you may see vertical lines in your videos. These are caused by sun flare and are not uncommon to CMOS sensors like the ones used in most consumer digital cameras such as Contour's. If the sunlight hits the camera just right, it will overload a digital camera’s sensor and result in the vertical lines seen in your videos. This generally occurs when the sun is positioned slightly abov...

  • Why can't I sign in to Storyteller?

    Because we no longer host user videos on, We have updated Storyteller so that it no longer has log-in options. If you are getting a prompt from Storyteller to “log in”, or “create an account”, you’re probably using an older version, and we recommend that you update to the latest version which is available from our website: p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; f...
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