General Information

  • Temperatures ranges for Contour cameras

    The official operating range of our cameras is -15°C to 40°C (5°F to 104°F). While some customers have successfully used our cameras outside of that range, we cannot guarantee that they will work in extreme conditions.

  • How do I silence the beeps?

    There are several situations, such as when using the camera while hunting, where it is helpful to have the camera's beeps silenced. On the ContourROAM, ContourROAM2, ContourGPS, Contour+, and the Contour+2 this can be done by changing a setting of the camera's configuration. Open Storyteller and connect your camera to the computer. Once Storyteller sees the camera choose Tools -> Configure camera. In...

  • Registration

    How do I register my camera? You can register your camera from within Storyteller (Tools -> Register camera) or by visiting this link:

  • How do I know what camera to buy?

    You can compare the features available on each of our current models of camera by visiting From here you can review what features each camera has and decided what camera is going to be best for you.

  • Can I use my camera for paintball?

    Our cameras are designed to take a reasonable amount of impact associated with most recreational activities. It is NOT specifically designed to withstand an impact from a paintball gun, especially at point blank range. That stated, we do have many customers using our cameras during paintball events. Using one of our waterproof cases will also protect the camera against impact damage and paint. The camera...

  • Display Date and Time

    Contour Storyteller does not have the option to display the date and time information from a video during playback. There are some third party applications such VLC that can be configured to to display this information. Here is a link to a support thread for VLC that discusses how to do this:

  • Military and Law Enforcement Discounts

    While Contour does not offer any military discounts at this time. However, one of our online resellers does. The site called Daniel Defense. Here is a link: Scroll to the bottom of the page and they describe how to qualify.

  • Still Photo Mode

    The ContourGPS, Contour+, ContourROAM, Contour+2, and ContourROAM2 all have a still photo mode that allow you to set up the camera to take photos at a preset time interval. To set the camera to take continuos photos, open Storyteller and then connect the camera to your computer. In Storyteller, you will see your camera listed near the top left. When you do, click on Tools -> Camera Configuration. Fro...

  • Loop Recording

    Many customers ask if Contour cameras can be set to make loop recording; that is to say can it erase the microSD card and start over when the microSD card gets full. None of the Contour cameras can be configured in this manner. However, based on the number of requests we have received we have passed along this suggestion to our development team for consideration in future updates.

  • Set Camera Time

    To set the time on your Contour camera, follow these steps. 1) Connect the camera to your computer. 2) Open the Storyteller program. 3) Select your camera by clicking on it in the upper left corner of Storyteller (in the Devices section). 4) Click on Tools -> Set Camera time. 5) Disconnect the camera from the computer. 6) Turn the camera on (or press the STATUS button) for the time change to take ...
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