Firmware - Contour+ (v1.36)

Date Posted: 11/28/2012

Firmware v1.36 includes the following improvements:

• Change default video format to MP4

• Add support for Android Contour Connect 2.0 App


For Apple iOS users: If you use the Contour Connect app to pair with your camera over Bluetooth, you need to update the mobile app in order to make full use of this firmware version.  

For Android users: this firmware will only connect over Bluetooth to the most current version of the Android Contour Connect app.  It will not work with previous versions.  Please be sure that you have updated the app on your Android device

Installation without Storyteller

In some situations, it may be necessary to manually update the firmware without the assistance of Storyteller.  Here are the steps to manually update the firmware:
  1. Format the microSD Storage Card before beginning any firmware update.  For instructions on how to format the microSD card go here:
  2. Download the Contour+ firmware to your desktop.

  3. Plug the Contour+ camera into your computer using a USB cable. Check to see that the Record slider is not in the forward (or ON) position. Once connected, the Battery LED on the Contour+ will turn red and the camera will appear as an external USB device on your computer. 
  4. On your computer,  navigate to the camera which is mounted as an external storage device.
  5. Copy the ContourPlus.bin file that you downloaded in Step 2 to the camera's microSD card.  Do not put it in any subfolders on the camera's microSD card.
  6. Unplug the camera from your computer.  It you are using a Mac, don't forget to unmount (eject) the camera before unplugging it.
  7. With the camera disconnected from the computer and powered off, press and HOLD the Bluetooth button on the camera.
  8. Keeping the Bluetooth button pressed, power on the camera by pressing and releasing the power button.  Do not keep holding the power button.  
  9. The lights on the back of the camera will flash.  When the battery and microSD card lights begin to flash red alternately, then you may release the Bluetooth button.  Do not release the button before this step.
  10. IMPORTANT: Interrupting the update process by removing the battery while the lights are still flashing can permanently damage your camera.
  11. The lights on the camera will flash for a few more seconds and then the camera will power itself off.
  12. Turn the camera on using the power button.  After the lights on the back go out, power the camera off.
  13. Reformat the microSD card follow the instructions from Step 1.
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