Outer Lens Replacement - ROAM and ROAM2

These instructions are for replacing the outer lens protector on the ContourROAM and ContourROAM2 camera.

These instructions are not for the ContourHD 1080p, ContourGPS, the Contour+.  If you need instructions on how to replace the lens protector on these cameras, please see this help page:   Lens Protector Replacement - 1080p, GPS, and Plus

You can purchase replacement lens protectors from our online store by visiting http://store.contour.com/collections/parts/products/roam2-lens if you are within the USA. For assistance with this outside the USA, please contact support.

By replacing the lens protector on your Contour ROAM or ROAM2, you are effectively VOIDING the waterproof portion of the camera warranty.  The remainder of the camera warranty against manufacturing and materials defects remains in place.  However, if you install the new lens protector properly, you should have no problems maintaining the waterproof rating of your Camera.

Outer Lens Protector Replacement Instructions

1.     Using a small Philips head screwdriver (such as one suited for eye-glass repair), remove the set screw holding the lens bezel in place.

2.     With the camera facing you, hold the camera body with one hand and twist the lens bezel COUNTERCLOCKWISE with the other.  The entire lens assembly will rotate until it hits the camera body stop, then the lens bezel will unscrew from the camera.  Remove the lens bezel entirely.

 If needed, CLEAN any debris, dirt, or dust off the threads and area exposed by the removed bezel.  It is important to do this now.  Use only a damp cloth (not a soaking wet cloth).

3.     Using a knife blade or small slot screwdriver, carefully grab the EDGE of the clear lens protector and gently pry it directly out from the camera body and remove it.

4.     Place the new lens protector on the camera body.

5.     Place the new o-ring on the lens protector so it encircles the raised portion of the lens protector.  Check to be sure that it is laying flat and has not become twisted.      

6.     Note the position of the set screw hole on the camera body.

7.     With the set screw hole on the camera body facing you, re-install the lens bezel by screwing it on the camera body CLOCKWISE.

8.     When the bezel snugs up to the camera body (and gets tight), rotate the lens bezel until the set screw hole in the lens bezel lines up with the set screw hole on the camera body.  Note that the entire lens MAY rotate as you tighten lens bezel.  If this occurs, continue to rotate the lens bezel.  The lens will stop rotating once it reaches the stop when the lens is in the 180° position.  You should then be able to see the set screw hole on the camera line up through the set screw hole on the lens bezel when the 180° number on the lens bezel lines up with the “<” arrow on the camera. 

9.     Install the set screw but DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, as you could potentially strip the set screw.

Please contact Contour Technical Support if you have any questions and thank you for being part of Team Contour!
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