Low audio on the ContourROAM

If you are experiencing low audio on your ContourROAM camera, it is important to double check the microphone settings on your camera using Storyteller, to make sure that it is set to an appropriate level.

If you continue to experience low audio on your camera, this may indicate either a software or hardware related issue with the camera.

Before proceeding, reformat the microSD card in your ContourROAM using the steps outlined here and then test your camera's audio.  In many cases this will correct the low audio issue.

An issue with intermittent low audio issue is firmware related and involves the Automatic Level Control (ALC) for the camera’s microphone.  After being exposed to a loud noise, the ALC will temporary dampen the audio levels for an overly extensive period of time. Cameras with firmware version 1.06 will NOT exhibit this behavior and the audio level will quickly recover after the camera is subjected to a loud noise. If your camera is experiencing intermittent low audio as described above, please check the firmware version on the camera and upgrade the firmware if necessary.  The firmware download and complete firmware installation instructions are found at:  http://help.contour.com/customer/portal/articles/235034-contourroam-v1-06-


Once this firmware is installed, the ALC will work as properly and return the audio level to normal much quicker after loud noises.  Please contact Contour Technical Support if you have any questions.


If reloading the firmware does not help clear things up, and the camera continues recording low audio. This may indicate a mechanical problem with the camera’s microphone assembly. This type of issue is cannot be corrected in the field, and the camera would need to be replaced. For customers experiencing this issue within the US, please contact Contour Technical Support directly (http://help.contour.com/customer/portal/emails/new).  Contour Technical Support will make arrangements to get you a replacement camera that does not exhibit this issue.  For customers outside the US, please EXCHANGE your camera at the local retailer within your country from which you purchased the camera.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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